For over 35 years, Extru-Tech has continually introduced innovative processes and technologies that have dramatically expanded the market opportunities for our valued customers. The innovations we have pioneered have literally created entire new markets in specialized petfoods, treats and premium high protein diets. We back those innovations with unparalleled service that is one of our keys to continued growth and success.

We Are Witnessing the Humanization of Pet Food

“As pet owners migrate toward pet foods with more humanization traits, manufacturers that can safely incorporate fresh meats and high proteins will have the strategic advantage. As an extrusion manufacturer with a Validated Kill Step, partnering with Extru-Tech will give you that advantage.” – Scott Krebs, Executive VP, COO

How Critical is Petfood Safety?

The Short Answer Is Very Critical.

Assuring safety in the petfood industry is critical at all levels: producers, manufacturers and consumers. We are all responsible for the welfare of our respective clients. If we do not focus on the hot topics regarding petfood safety, we risk losing business, credibility and customer trust, and being subject to increased governmental oversight and regulation. 

Developing a proper plan Due to the importance and prominence of petfood safety in today’s atmosphere, we have decided to continue the safety discussion from our last issue of The Extru- Technician. As we begin this journey, the first step will be the development and application of a proper HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points) plan.

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