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New Features COMPLEMENT Proven Qualities

Extru-Tech horizontal dryers are the leading industry tool for the production of a diverse range of food and feed products, including pet and aquatic foods and foods for human consumption. Extru-Tech has taken dryer technology to the next level with the new Advanced Feature Dryer, which features improved performance and new sanitary dryer features.

The Advanced Feature Dryer is renowned for its balanced Air Circulation System. The addition of variable frequency direct drive fans provides uniform airflow across the entire width of the beds minimizing moisture deviation and providing flexibility to maintain even efficient drying regardless of product size, shape and density. The result is a finished product with less than 1/2 percentage point variation in moisture. Our new, redesigned chute is complete with span and speed controls for “in-process” adjustments, providing accurate product spread for even bed depth.
Dryer sections are physically separated to manage airflow through each conveyor independently, even within the same drying section. “Air-up” or “air-down” airflow as well as sequential or traditional arrangements can be configured independently for each pass and each section. Solid construction hinged interior doors are reversible and may be rearranged for sequential drying and maximum process flexibility. As product demands increase, the modular design allows for additional sections. Our industry leading dryer frame is constructed of heavy-duty structural steel for longevity.

Extru-Tech’s innovative design enhances both the speed and ease of the customer’s sanitary operation allowing the Advanced Feature Dryer to be cleaned in as little as 15 minutes. The Advanced Feature Dryer is equipped with augers along the full length of the dryer side plenums to remove fines, along with a dump gate at the air supply plenum to allow quick cleanout at a common collection point. The spreader design is open and allows for ease of cleaning and reduced horizontal ledges.


Extru-Tech Dryers are available in a wide selection of heating systems, including natural gas, propane, propane butane and steam systems. With the steam option, manifolds are included that vent air and remove condensation. Extru-Tech’s state of the art airlock hinge design improves sanitation and reduces airlock failure. Modified internal flashing and reduced endplate clearances offer deeper product beds, which reduce the potential of air or eliminating internal air short circuiting.
Our standard design includes stainless steel in all product contact and high corrosion areas. Fully insulated stainless steel hinged exterior doors provide complete access to heat chambers for maintenance.