World class petfood and treat diversity from one extruder

Pet Treat Co-Extrusion from a single extruder?
Think it was impossible to produce a co-extruded type treat from a Single Extruder? Challenging the standards for innovation, Extru-Tech has made it possible using the Multi-Color/Multi-Shape (MCMS) Die Assembly. Further enhancing the Extru-Tech MCMS Die Assembly versatility, all from a single extruder.
Give your product line a competitive cost advantage the competition simply can’t match
The MCMS still provides the ability to produce up to 4 separate colors and multiple shapes on a single extruder, dramatically reducing mixing, batching and handling costs commonly associated with multiple color and multiple shape finished products.

Product divided into 2 or 4 equal flows, using 2 to 4 heads and two shapes at once


Product divided into 3 or 4 equal flows, using 3 to 4 heads producing 3 colors and multiple shapes at once


Product divided into 4 equal flows, using 4 heads


Single component (dry or soft-moist) with a random mix of different colors


Single component (dry or soft-moist) with 2 different colors meshed with a specific design

Extru-Tech provides a wide array of Treat possibilities that can be achieved utilizing our Co-Extrusion Process or our Multi-Color/Multi-Shape proprietary processing solution. This includes short and long, multi-color and multi-shape options.
Competitive Advantage
The Multi-Color/Multi-Shape Die System from Extru-Tech, Inc. is designed to provide immediate return on investment and provide a technical advantage the competition simply can’t match using existing technology. The Multi-Color/Multi-Shape Die System (US Patent No. 6719448) is exclusive technology engineered specifically for single screw cooking extruders. The revolutionary design of the die assembly allows the production of multiple colors and multiple shapes simultaneously.