Superior quality starter FRESH feed at commercially COMPETITIVE costs

New Features COMPLEMENT Proven Qualities

Extru-Tech’s new Advanced Feature Vertical Cooler improves on previous versions of cooling technology for pet foods, aquaculture feeds and feed. The Advanced Feature Vertical Cooler is designed to reduce operational cost, while maintaining a consistent and safe finished product.

Agglomeration System™

The revolutionary Sphere-izer Agglomeration System™ (SAS™) is designed to produce starter fish feeds with nutritionally homogenous particles sized as small as 300 microns. The SAS™ process produces particle sizes smaller than traditional single or twin screw extrusion technologies. As the photos clearly demonstrate, the system is designed to provide more uniform and nutritionally homogenous particles than traditional pellet crumbling systems.

A mixed and pulverized formulation passes through a low shear, low temperature extrusion process where it is conditioned and compressed to form agglomerated strands. The strands enter the Sphere-izer™, a sizing and shaping device that breaks the strands into small individual agglomerations and shapes them into spherical particles. The spheres pass through a dryer/cooler unit where excess moisture is removed and the particles are cooled. The spheres pass through a screener for size classification. If required, the Sphere-izer™ can also be used to apply liquid and/or powder coatings to the particles, thus enhancing product sophistication. The SAS™ process provides on size yields as high as 95%. Because very little heat is introduced into the raw materials during the SAS™ process, raw material nutrients are undamaged. Heat sensitive major and micro ingredients, along with medications need not be over formulated to offset heat-related losses.