World Class Extrusion Cooking Systems for the next generation


From unprecedented production capacities to exacting finished product quality, Extru-Tech Extrusion Cooking Systems have established the industry standards for performance and value. Extru-Tech’s Advanced Feature Extrusion systems were designed with two important criteria. The unit needed to be quick and easy to clean, and it needed to allow customers to control, reduce or eliminate contaminants in the system.

Extru-Tech Extruder Barrels are already designed for broad production capabilities with maximum efficiency and minimal metal-to-metal wear. However, to further eliminate pathogens in the extruder barrel, Extru-Tech Advanced Feature Extruders utilize a modified barrel profile and increased steam injection into the barrel. From the start back in 1985, the overriding goal of Extru-Tech engineering has been to design an extrusion cooking system that will yield high production levels of premium quality products. Whether it’s snack, pet, aquatic or animal feed production, Extru-Tech Extruders continue to be the most efficient single screw extrusion cooking systems available on the market. Except, now they’re even more hygienic.

Each extruder model can be equipped with multiple barrel length packages, each designed for the production of specific product types. Naturally, all extruder screws and liners continue to be constructed of high quality, wear-resistant stainless steel alloys that are subsequently polished, heat-treated to required hardness specifications and then parallel ground to ensure proper fit between barrel components.

As the issue of food safety, including petfood safety, continues to garner headlines, our challenge is to apply a hygienic design and principles to the process. Additional design features include: